Why use Email Marketing?

Great reasons to try eMail Marketing

  • Affordable - at only around $15/month!
  • Save on paper, printing costs, and postage!
  • Link back to your website to get more traffic; more traffic means higher search engine ranking
  • Provide valuable information to your clients that keeps them interested in your content
  • Keep contact with your clients and keep you in their mind
  • Possibly increase your client base two-fold with a "Subscribe" form on your site and a "Forward Email" to your campaigns
  • Easily track who opens your email and what they are most interested in!
  • Target your audience
  • Make known your latest projects or newsworthy items (toot your own horn!)

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The Importance of an Effective Business Plan

Whether or not you seek financial help with start-up costs, you will need an effective business plan. If you are starting a home-based business, your business plan will help you track your goals. If you seek funding from a lending institution, your business plan is what lenders use to determine if they will lend you money for your business. Unless you expect a windfall, you’ll need a business plan.

The importance of a business plan comes from its function. But first, you must define your business clearly. It will be your roadmap in measuring your success. A well-written business plan should be no more than 40-50 pages. Don’t dazzle with unimportant tidbits. Stick to the facts of your business and summarize what your goals are.

Know Your Competition
You will need to know your competition and do a complete market analysis and lots of research. Knowing your customers is a key element in marketing your product. Who is your competition? How can you differentiate yourself from them?

Create an Executive Summary
This is a condensed version of the larger business plan and is the most important part of your business plan. Your summary should persuade the loan officer/lender in the first couple of pages that your business is a viable investment; otherwise you may be turned down for any financial assistance.

In the first few pages of your summary, you should answer the following questions:

  • What kind of company do you have?
  • Who are your primary customers?
  • What are your short and long-term goals?
  • How many employees will you have?
  • Who are the managers and what is their experience?
  • How much money are you seeking and what will it be used for?


The Importance of a Financial Projection
This section needs to summarize of your financial predictions. Use spreadsheets illustrating how you reached your projections. You'll also require income statements, balance sheets and cash-flow projections.

You will tell a lender how much money you'd need to cover your startup costs. This section could make or break your success. If you're unsure about this part of the summary, find a professional to assist you.

Have an Exit Plan
An effective business plan includes an exit plan for when you want to end your business. This could be based on your revenue growth, voting among officers, how the market reacts to your idea and other deciding factors.

No matter how large or small your business venture will be, an effective business plan is the first key element to your success.

Great Reasons to Stick With One Design Firm

design team

Whether or not you choose to have us handle your design and marketing needs, you should have one company handle it all. Here's why:

Package Deals
If you are into saving a bit of cashola for yourself, this is a good start. Most design firms will give package discounts if you commit to doing several jobs with them. Regardless, it's worth asking!

The more people you have handling your identity and marketing materials, the more at risk you are for having different looking items. Remember, you are building your brand, your identity. You want customers to quickly and easily identity with your logo, marketing materials, signage, etc. Better be sure it all looks similar to avoid any confusion on your customers end.

When you need something new created, often the designer that has done your work prior will have your projects saved. This means that if you have something to change to an existing project, you don't have to reinvent the wheel with a new designer (therefore paying to have it re-designed again!). Also, if you have something new created, the designer will have your PMS colors, contacts and other pertinent information already at hand. This saves the designer time and you money as well.

Less Hassle
Finding it hard to remember who designed what for you? Or wishing your webmaster would use the same designs you had done on your printed materials? (again with the consistency issue). Having one contact who handles it all, means less headaches for you.

Familiarity with your business
By using one firm, you are building a relationship. A good designer will know your URL, your contact information, PMS colors, FTP info, etc. Again, saving you time and having to share your information with several people. Furthermore, the more we learn about your business, the better we can successfully market it.

Mutual benefits
As you grow your business, we will learn about you, you will learn about us. It's mutually beneficial. You ask, "How?" Well, let's start by saying that 95% of our business comes from referrals. What this means is that we want you to be happy. We want you to be comfortable and satisfied with our service.

Contact us and tell us what you have in mind for your business.


Simple Tips to Increase Your Email Marketing Customer Base

  1. Add a "subscribe" form to your website.
  2. Set out a jar on your front office to gather business cards or email addresses.
  3. Run a contest by having people enter via a subscribe form on your site. Say something like, "Subscribe to our eNewsletter and also enter to win ___!"
  4. Add a "subscribe" button on your contact form on your site.
  5. If clients need to "sign in" at your office or fill out any forms, include a line for their email.
  6. Configure the Text to Subscribe feature at Constant Contact.
  7. Add your subscribe form to your Business Facebook page.
  8. Add a subscribe button to the main contact form on your website
  9. Export your current Outlook contacts to your email marketing program.

Email Marketing - a Green Choice

Invaluable feedback.
With printed materials that are handed out, posted or mailed, you have no idea what the client has done with it, or even if they read it. With email marketing you can see what links your clients have clicked on, and how many times.

Spread the word.
With a forward button on the eNewsletter, you can potentially increase your customer base two-fold.

Compared to printed marketing (printing, postage, etc), email marketing is significantly a higher return on investment and a great "green" choice.

Drive them to your site.
After all, this is one of the main points to sending out an email campaign is to get more clients to your site to see all the wonderful things you have to offer! Besides, it helps your Google ranking too!

Listen and Learn.
If you offer a variety of topics that clients can "click here to read more" you can learn what it is they are most interested in by viewing who clicked on what article and linked back to your site.

Let them speak.
With email or website polls or surveys, you can directly target the information you would like from your client.

And these are just a few of the many reasons why internet marketing has seen such tremendous growth over the past couple years. Is this what your competition will be doing next?

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The Foundation of all Your Marketing Efforts

It may seem obvious to some of us, but many new business owners don't realize where to start with their design and marketing. Just like a house or automobile start with the all-important framework, memorable design does too! So lets talk more about your logo.

Get a logo designed before ANYTHING else is done. Yes, we know you are gung-ho on making everything look all cool, but first things first. No business cards, no website. Nothing. Start with the logo. This will be the springboard for all of your colors, mood and overall look of your future designs.

Do you know what the Dell, IBM and HP logos all have in common? (Besides that they were designed by a professional? email us if you really must know! ) Graphic designers are educated on how to properly create logos that incorporate in things like color and shape association, as well as logo design considerations based on your industry. They also are highly skilled at working with typography and display fonts and other design elements.

Be sure the designer you hire uses a vector program. Let me explain. A vector program, such as Adobe Illustrator, Freehand or Corel Draw will output vector graphics. A vector based logo will be clear at 2 centimeters or 200 ft in size.

If your logo was designed using a raster graphics program (like Adobe Photoshop for one) you won't benefit from the clarity that a vector graphics program can output. A raster graphics logo will exhibit zig-zagged and stair-stepped pixels the larger it gets. So since you are forking out the cash, might as well get something that will function properly everywhere you could possibly imagine putting your logo.

This is DEFINITELY, hands down, the single most important item that a business can spend money on. This is the basis for all of your other designs and marketing materials. In the long run, the success of your business could depend on it.