Adding a blog to JoomlaIt's safe to say that most people know that Wordpress is a CMS capable of handling a blog. When it comes to Joomla however, it seems that people think they need to have a separate blog hosted at an external site, like Blogger or Blogspot and then link their website to it. This is simply not true. Not only is Joomla capable of handling a blog, it too can be extended - just as Wordpress - to handle all the robust extensions you can install. Below, you'll see how quick and easy it is to setup a blog in Joomla.

1. Login to your Joomla admin. Using your username and password login to your Joomla admin at:
setting up a Joomla Blog

2. Create your category. From the top "Content" menu > "Category Manager" > "Add New Category" and (let's keep this rather simple for this first go at a blog) give it a title of: Blog.  "Save & Close" and you're done.

3. Create your content. From the top "Content" menu > "Article Manager" > "Add New Article". Give your article a Title, then beneath that select the "Category" drop down and select "Blog." Give your article some content and save it. Be sure it's published or you won't see it in the next step. "Save & Close"
create new content article in Joomla


4. Create your Blog navigation menu button. From the top "Menus" > "Main Menu" > "Add New Menu Item".


  1. Click the "Select" button next to the "Menu Item Type" under "Articles", select "Category" Blog. This will give you a long running one page type blog (you can always change it later to a Category List if this configuration doesn't suit your needs).


  2. Give it a menu title of: Blog
  3. In the top right "Required Settings" tab, select the category: Blog
  4. All the rest of the tabs beneath that are additional options for things like showing the published date, author name at the top of the blog, etc - you can always modify these later to suit your needs.
  5. Save & Close.
  6. Check your website to see your new blog showing!

5. Continue growing your blog. Simply repeat step 3 "Create Your Content" above. That's it!
6. Extend your Joomla Blog with great extensions like comments and social bookmarking.

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