youtube-realtorVideos are extremely popular today, especially those that are available on YouTube, with nearly millions of people viewing them at any given point of time. Given this popularity, it is hardly surprising that many businesses, including real estate businesses, are using YouTube videos to reach and entice their target clientele. Statistics reveal that more than 70% of buyers were likely to approach real estate agents with videos on their web page. Additionally, there are several others who love watching home tours and are heavily influenced by videos when deciding on which real estate agent to hire for their needs. Under these circumstances, it is important that you join this bandwagon and present your real estate videos to the world.

Here are 5 simple tips that you can use when entering the world of real estate video marketing with YouTube:

Include videos of available properties and neighborhoods
We have all heard that pictures speak louder than words but another similar truth is that videos speak louder than pictures. When you use videos to showcase your properties, it definitely offers the viewers a more detailed experience of the property while also making them really attractive. For the viewer, it feels like they are taking a personal tour of the property, making it a great experience. Additionally, when you use video footage of the neighborhood, you are able to succinctly provide your viewers with the important as well as interesting information, making it all the more appealing.

Include voiceovers in your videos
Videos without voiceovers can be quite boring and not really informative to the viewer. However, if you were to add some information about the property and the neighborhood, in your own voice, it adds flavor as well as credibility. You can also position yourself in the video to some extent, which will add a face to the business, leading to increased credibility amongst the viewers and potential buyers. Voiceovers in videos help you in emphasizing certain aspects of the property and neighborhood, which may not be possible with a silent video.

Positioning as an expert
When creating YouTube videos, it is important not to restrict yourself to simply showcasing your properties. Real estate marketing through YouTube is all about positioning yourself as an expert in the eyes of your viewers and potential buyers. Therefore, make sure you include videos that talk about problems in the industry or you could even create videos that offer tips to potential buyers or even some advice on what to look for. It is important to create a personal rapport with your potential buyers through this medium and establish yourself as an expert in the real estate industry.

Using high traffic keyword tags
As with any other form of SEO, it is important to add high traffic keywords to your YouTube videos as well. This will ensure that they rank high in the search engines. There are various tools that allow you to identify the keywords that are best used in videos, which when used judiciously, will help your videos enjoy higher rankings on popular search engines. When searching for high traffic keywords, you could also take a look at some of the popular real estate business videos that are doing the rounds and identify the keywords that are actually benefiting them. In case these keywords are relevant, you too can use them. If not, you will get an idea about what works and what doesn’t in the domain of YouTube real estate videos.

Participate and Stay Engaged
Finally, as with any other form of social marketing strategy, it is important for you to participate and stay engaged with the community, if you want to achieve success in this endeavor. Participation includes connecting with others, posting comments on popular and relevant videos, connecting with leaders in the industry and letting people know that your video exists. It is important to engage in a conversation with other viewers and potential buyers to ensure that your video is viewed, appreciated and talked about.

Real estate video marketing with YouTube is not as complicated as it seems to. However, it does require some effort from your part. So, use these simple tips to experience how your real estate business benefits from your YouTube marketing efforts.

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