Twitter Traffic Advantage

If you haven’t heard about it or used it yourself, it’s time you did! This site had 7 million visitors in February 2009, an increase of 1,382 percent since last year. Twitter is a simple, free micro blogging platform which is equipped with a number of tools, plug-ins and support applications. Many large and small brands are choosing to tweet business news and related information upon realizing the true potential that Twitter provides.

One of the best examples of twitter success is Skittles, which increased its traffic by a whooping 1332% in a single day after a campaign put the site into a tweet stream.

What YOU or YOUR BUSINESS can get out of TWEETING?
Traffic: And lots of it! In today’s on-demand market we are all a part of, news travels real fast. Twitter has turned out to be an essential business communication tool for meaningful, fast, clear, and concise communication.

Customer Relationship Management: When customers tweet issues they are facing with a product or service, the company monitoring the tweets can provide solutions directly to the customer, in real time. This will result in effective management of online reputation as well.

Analyze Trends: You can use Twitter to find niches and conduct market analysis too. With millions of tweets from people sharing ideas and information, Twitter is a great resource for trend analysis.

Check Your Twittonary Quotient
ab or abt – about
B – be
b/c – because
b4 – before
BFN – bye for now
bgd – background
1 – one, won
2 - to, too, two
4 - for, four
4U – for you
4ward - forward
GR8 – great
IC – I see
IM - instant message
IMHO – in my humble opinion
IRL – for in real life
K –okay
kewl – cool
L8 –late
L8er –later
lmk – let me know
LOL – laughing out loud
OH – overheard
OMG – oh my god/gosh
RT / Retweet –when you repeat a tweet from someone else
RU? - are you?
yr –your
YVW – you’re very welcome
YW - you’re welcome

Find a Complete Twictionary here!

Essential Twitter Tools
The rise of Twitter has been explosive and there are a number of tools and applications which are adding to value to this great platform. They include Tools and Productivity Apps, Statistics and Analytics, Find New Twitter Friends Apps, Search Twitter Apps, Web-Based Mobile Apps, WordPress Twitter Plug-Ins, Adobe Air Twitter Apps and Firefox Twitter Extensions. Read about the 99 essential Twitter Tools and applications. was co-founded by Biz Stone, Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey in 2006. It has about 6 million users today [a number which is growing steadily!] and the world’s most famous Twitterer is Barack Obama, with 237,500 followers.

Now that you are aware of how you can use Twitter for your business, here are a few ways you should NOT use Twitter:

  • Don’t OVER-TWEET
  • Don’t SPAM
  • Don’t abuse or be a mean tweeter

Happy Tweeting!

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