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Keyword research has an impact on every SEO task that you perform. That’s why it is the first, critical step of any SEO campaign. Akin to market research for the WWW, it’s important to get into the nitty gritty of keyword research if you want to reap the benefits of it. Let’s dive right in to find out what are the keyword research trends in 2020.

Google has gotten better at understanding what people look for. This has led to keyword research becoming more topical. It is no longer about finding 2-3 keywords and stuffing them across content. It is about understanding the target audience and covering the topic in the appropriate manner.

Keyword research - It’s more relevant than ever

With the advancement in Google’s algorithms and web crawlers, it is important to be original and specific when it comes to the keywords for your website. Users have no hope of finding you if you have not found these keywords, incorporated them appropriately and ensured that you are getting the traffic that you want over time.

While a high search volume still remains an important consideration for research, it is more important to be relevant. The keywords that you choose need to reflect what you are offering. For instance, if you’re selling handmade stationery, don’t focus on school stationery just because it has higher search volume.

Consider keyword intent by analysing the thought process of the searcher to meet their needs and keep them hooked on to your website. From informational intent, navigational intent or transactional intent - your job is to consider your user’s intent to make their journey to your page and product that they need as easy as possible.

Finally, should you consider a professional keyword research tool in 2020? Of course you should, if you are looking forward to saving time and gaining competitive advantage. Don’t overthink the number and placement once your research is complete. Develop content to ensure that the topic is covered thoroughly.

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