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A great deal of your business' success depends on getting your products and services in front of potential buyers. It’s a good rule of thumb to budget at least 30% of your investment towards Internet Marketing so people can find you.

Simply being online and on social networks isn't enough to get your business in front of potential customers.

Cookie cutter plans, aren't strategies for your business success. With studio1c you'll receive customized internet marketing solutions after a thorough analysis of your efforts across the internet as a whole. Then you receive our unique, organic strategies tailored to your business needs going forward.

Search Engine Results

A few success stories:

  • CUSTOMER A: Achieved first place ranking on Google Search after 2.5 months with a 70% increase in online sales
  • CUSTOMER B: Acquired 8 of 10 top placements on first page of Google Search within a few months
  • CUSTOMER C: In just 2 months improved analytics with a 107% increase in page views, and decreased their bounce rate by nearly 98%!
  • CUSTOMER D: In 2 years, grew new startup's social media followers from 0 to 54,000 along with over 30,000 email contacts through organic and paid social media promotions
  • CUSTOMER E: Managed and monetized YouTube Channel for nonprofit which resulted in 2 videos achieving over 6.5 million views and 18,000 subscribers
  • Read more about how we've helped clients grow their business

Customized Internet Marketing plans can include:

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