Captivating Posts for Tour & Travel Industries to Garner More Engagement on Social Media

captivating-postsLooking for fresh ideas to post on social media? We’ve rounded up some topics to get folks sharing, interacting and wanting to visit!

  • Post a photo of your resort pool with a caption, “Who wants to play? MARCO!...”
  • Post photos of local or your speciality food – everyone loves food pictures!
  • Post photos of the lovely grounds, flowers, the view, sunrise, sunset with the caption, “who needs a vacation?”
  • Photos of things to do… swim, scuba, kiteboarding, skiing, paddle boarding, etc and ask visitors what their favorite water sport is?
  • Sinking your toes in the sand with a caption, “Wish you were here!”
  • Post a beautiful photo of your resort or view and add the caption, “Tag yourself if you need a vacation.” You could even make this into a contest if you want and select someone who tagged themself as your winner.
  • Post a photo of something unique visitors would see so they can almost envision themselves there - local street vendors, a unique artifact (totem pole, statue, pier, etc) or well known sign (Welcome to Las Vegas) that signifies your visit-worthy locale
  • Post a photo of things going on nearby: a street player playing jazz, a surfing event, a race. You never know who’s looking and what they’re interested in - it just may be what you capture a photo of!
  • If you offer excursions or travel related services, post photos of what they will see on the trip and post a caption like, “You’re invited” or “Here’s what you’re missing!”
  • Who is your demographic? Older retired couples? Singles? Young adventurous types? Post something that would appeal to them - a bicycle built for 2 that they can rent? Excursions for solo travelers or maybe a wild and adventurous trek.
  • Post how your business is contributing to sustainability, eco-tourism, protecting coral reef, wildlife conservation, low water usage, recycling, energy conservation, local sourcing of food, etc
  • Ask people what their favorite thing to do when visiting is
  • Post a screen capture of the current weather conditions and a caption saying, “it’s perfect here for you to come visit”
  • Post photos of the various things to do when traveling with kids
  • Share posts and photos from other nearby businesses that your demographic might be interested in. (IE: if you’re a resort, you might want to post photos of a travel excursion that went on a trip to XYZ and shared it on their page)
  • Ask visitors what their favorite beach is, favorite snorkeling spot, favorite place to eat
  • Take a photo of some “off the beaten path” place and ask if folks can identify where it is or what the photo is of
  • Iguanas? Tropical Fish? Birds? Share photos of sights and sounds of nature around you.
  • Stage a photo of cervezas under a palm tree on the sand, a surfboard at the beach on top of a jeep, guests getting on gear to go on an excursion, etc - anything that makes visitors wish they were there living in that moment!
  • Take photos of guest having fun, enjoying their time or relaxing. Ask them if you can share it on your website blog (even better to get a model release signed) as well as on Facebook. Ask them to tag themselves or if you may.

When you find what your visitors interact with the most, do it often, but also don’t forget to still have a good mix that will appeal to your target demographic.

Essential Online Marketing for Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Hardcover-Book-MockUp-trans-smCongratulations on taking the step to search engine optimization and internet marketing for your website. Many of the tools contained in the eBook are what top SEO firms use to market your site to your target customers. This eBook not only promotes your website with each task you do, it will teach you WHY you are doing it and HOW it will help in the long run.

Using this eBook
The majority of the tasks in this eBook will require an internet connection to complete. Links have been provided for you for supplemental information and link directly to the source.

This eBook is intended for anyone that has a website and business to promote (or their webmasters) and specifically addresses unique needs for the following industries:

  • Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Resorts, Inn's
  • Travel Operators (island hopping, skydiving, ziplining, night dinner cruises, shuttles, etc)
  • Tour Excursions (deep sea fishing, jungle tours, etc)
  • Vacation Equipment Rentals (boats, gear, etc)
  • Scuba Diving & Training
  • Vacation Rental Properties
  • Timeshare Properties
  • Restaurants (street vendors, food trucks, etc)
  • Bars & Nightclubs


After Completing the Tasks, You Will Have:

  • Learned essential skills for marketing and promoting your business and website on the Internet
  • Promoted your site on the top Travel Related Sites and Directories
  • Created more inbound links for people to find you
  • Improved the foundation for your site
  • The ability to track your growth the way professional SEO Firms do
  • Formed a social media network full of potential prospects
  • Developed a reason for search engines to crawl your site more often
  • Submitted your site to top search engines
  • Utilized your time wisely while using very little money to achieve your goal
  • Increased your breadth of ways for people to find you
  • Produced effective marketing campaigns to drive traffic back to your site again and again
  • Given followers a reason to revisit your site

The 23 page eBook is chock full of hundreds of tasks for you to employ STARTING NOW, which you are sure to use again and again - FOR FREE!

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michelleAbout the Author
Michelle Crossley has been working in marketing and design for over 20 years. She's helped many clients achieve great results growing their businesses using proven tactics in this book.

Through the years, she's taught college design, internet skills and marketing while continuing to work in a freelance design capacity. She launched studio1c in 2007, hasn't spent any money towards online advertising and tripled her business during it's first year in business.


Client Testimonials
anita"...wanted to be sure and mention how pleased we are with your sharp internet skills and overall SEO expertise and knowledge. You have demonstrated some remarkable strategic marketing channels and methods that we were not familiar with... Thank you for always staying involved, being interested in our business and always thinking “outside-of-the-box”."
Anita Sparks-Bohn, CasaNuevaGuide


becky"...thanks to Michelle's skill and creativity my website is now at the top of Google's search engine after only 2 1/2 months. My online gift certificate sales have increased by more than 70% and overall my profits have greatly increased."
Becky Manor, Therapeutic Massage Works


"Our site came up in 8 of the top 10 slots on Google's first page - now that's GREAT results!" Candace Hansford, Bella Laser Center



Restaurateurs Guide to Rockin on Pinterest

Showcase your food optionsPinterest allows you to share as well as organize every interesting thing you see on the web. With the help of this pinboard-style social picture sharing site, you can produce and manage a wide variety of theme-based images, which may include interests, leisure pursuits, events, and more. Since users can ‘like’ photos, browse other pinboards to get ideas and inspiration, and ‘re-pin’ images to their own assortments, this medium can help you to drum up publicity for your business and brand.  Let us see how restaurateurs can benefit from Pinterest:

Posting pictures of food: Since Pinterest is more of a visual platform, this is the best media to display high quality pictures of the various unique food items offered at your restaurant. Visual impact is much effective to woo new clients and retain your existing ones.

Post events: It is essential for you to share pictures of the events you entertain in your restaurant. People are attracted by varieties that are offered and constantly look for something new. Hence, keep improvising and updating these pictures.

Post pictures of your restaurant: Most people look for the ambience of a place, especially when they decide to dine out.  The interior of your restaurant would certainly make a huge difference to the ambience followed by the food that is presented with an appropriate customer service.

Post the ingredients: Though you may have your secret recipes, you must mention the special menus that are unique to your restaurant with some of the key ingredients used in them. With the increase in health awareness, people do look into what they eat and how hygienic it is.

Post offers: There are times when you would offer free drinks with a meal menu or let the 50th visitor enjoy a free starter. When you use the Pinterest to post these offers, you can expect more people to take note of such offers, which in turn may increase the number of visitors coming to your restaurant.

Post images of work areas: This actually makes a difference in getting more people. Posting the pictures of kitchen and the work areas projecting the chefs at work etc, would give an idea about the clean kitchen and other food items. This in turn would motivate more people to visit your restaurant.

Plan contests: From time to time, you may plan a contest with people who follow you on Pinterest. Offering the winner a free night out or dinner could make more people interested and even give you some word-of-mouth publicity, not to mention the re-pins that your post may get.

Talk about special achievements: You can pin about milestones achieved by your restaurant like being in business for 10 years, or talk about other successful milestones like hosting a dinner party for your city’s soccer team, making it special for a guest’s birthday or anniversary etc.

Post about other things: It’s not wise to always talk about your restaurant, recipes etc. At times, you may go off topic to pin about a special news or your city’s sport team to show that you really care about the place your live in and want meaningful interaction with fellow citizens. Pinning about your family roots and why or how you came into the restaurant business are also good ways to break the monotony.

Pinterest can help you tap into new audience while retaining your existing clientele. You can even increase the number of visitors to your restaurant’s website by using this medium wisely. You can use a Pinterest follow button and Pin It button on your website to let your clients easily connect with you and share your content online. So, use the tips mentioned above to give your restaurant business a boost.

Small Steps for Hosting Big Events

outdoor-eventFollowing these steps will make your gatherings more successful

There's no need to fret, if your business or organization hasn't started planning for this year's calendar of events. Just follow these simple tips and you'll be on the road to successful gatherings.

Think quarterly - With all the other responsibilities you have as a small business owner, it can be difficult to plan for a full calendar year all at one time. Solve that problem by breaking the year down into four manageable three-month chunks, and figure out what you can reasonably handle in the quarter ahead.

Figure out what kind of events you want to hold - It may sound obvious, but as you ponder what type of events you want to hold -- workshops, seminars, customer appreciation nights, charity drives -- make sure you know the answer to two questions: What do I want to achieve from each of these events? And, what should the attendees gain by attending each of these events?

Decide when you want to host your events - When thinking about the dates and times of your events, it's important to take into consideration your audience, and any holidays that might fall around those dates.  From the audience perspective, consider the time of day, particularly during the week. For instance, if your desired attendees are working professionals, a daytime schedule is probably a bad idea.

For weekend events that fall around a holiday, my rule of thumb is two days must separate the holiday and the weekend to make the time viable. For instance, if Christmas fell on a Friday, the weekend of the 26th and 27th a poor choice for an event. Choose a different weekend if the two-day window rule is violated.

Where is your event going to take place? - For retail and restaurant customers, the answer to this question is obvious. But for those in search of a venue, there are a couple things to keep in mind. First, ensure the location is in an area accessible by the most number of target attendees. Also, make sure the venue is easy to find and has plenty of parking for those who drive there.

(Note: If there are multiple places or dates you're considering for a single event, use an online survey containing a single question with the top three or four logistical options and let attendees decide what works best for them.)

Save the date - People are busy, so it's important to get space on their calendars as soon as possible. If you have the date nailed down, I recommend sending a save the date email 10 weeks in advance.

Open registration as soon as possible - As soon as the date, time, and venue are nailed down, open registration for your event, regardless if it's a fee-based event or free. For fee-based events, getting someone to pay even $1 is a commitment that they are going to attend. Paying online with a credit card is about as firm a commitment as you can get from an attendee. Getting as many people to register online as soon as possible helps with head counts, food orders, and other logistical items.

Follow up after the event - Don't forget to plan for post-event follow-up as well. After each gathering, you should send a short survey to attendees to see if your event lived up to their expectations. Use the feedback to make positive changes for future events.

Following these steps on a quarterly basis can help you make your event calendar much more manageable. Now is the time to get rolling and make this a successful year filled with customer events.

All of this content can be filtered out through your blog, newsletter, and social media channels in an effort to build excitement and awareness around your event and compel target attendees to register. Best of all, you don't have to write or create most of content from scratch, and you're still giving people a larger sense of what's to come when they attend your event.