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Email Marketing to Grow Your Business

Sometimes the reach of a website can become limited to your acquaintances, local buyers and existing customers. Enewsletters or Email Marketing is the most popular choice adopted today as a channel for business building by marketers.

Email marketing is probably one of the best ways to stay in touch with and grow your current and future customers. Periodic emails - with reports, events, or instructions reminds your customers of your existence, new products/services/offers launched, and of the ways that you might be able to work together.

Enewsletters are a direct form of personal marketing, Personal marketing makes it easier to sell, by building relationships nurtured on awareness, value and trust. Because your customers have requested your eNewsletter, it doesn’t serve as the kind of frustrating interruption that message ads, and unwanted phone calls present.

A 2007 study shows that email marketing is considered the #2 most effective traffic driver after paid search.

eNewsletters are considered the most cost-effective tools available to the small business owner. The beauty of utilizing the Internet to distribute your information is often people will forward your information to others who have similar interest.

Content is king - for many, the greatest challenge will be the development of content. Studio 1c can help you build a successful email advertising strategy to increase your subscriber base, publish your e-mail, and drive more customers to your site.

We'll setup, configure and design email templates so that you can publish your email newsletters. We'll also help you avoid the spam box and email filters!

You'll get automated tools to track the effectiveness of your campaign and generate reports on how many people are opening your emails and taking action.

Sign up for eMail Marketing for FREE for 60 days, and we'll put a FREE "Subscribe" form on your website to start gathering your visitors email addresses!