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A Great Blog Title for Greater Website Traffic

blog11Learn to craft blog post titles, which will draw readers to your blog. As an important element of a blog, the title is the window to your blog post. Here is a list of strategies you can use to write a great blog title:

  1. Keep it short and simple: Straight and simple titles, which help the user determine what the post is about works best. Give a title, which communicates the benefit of reading the article too.
    Good Example: 20 Ways to Advertise your Website for FREE
    Bad Example: Find out how you can market your website online.
  2. Readers first, Search Engines next: Don’t try optimizing your blog title for the search engines to the extent that you forget your readers! There is no point in having a poorly worded blog title, which ranks very well on search engines.
    Good Example: Using Social Media for Lead Generation
    Bad Example: Social Media Lead Generation
  3. Communicate a benefit, effectively: Your blog post title should be able to tell readers what they will get upon reading your post. You can draw significant traffic to your blog, if the title is listing out an advantage.
    Good Example: 10 Ways to Increase Your Alexa Rank
    Bad Example: Information on Alexa Rank
  4. How-to Headline Appeals: How to stop smoking in 30 days? How to start an online business from home? Quite possibly that such headlines have drawn your attention, immediately! The how-to headline appeals to most of our needs to improve ourselves, career, health etc. Once you have used how-to in the title, you must highlight the process in your blog.
    Good Example: How Inbound Marketing Can Grow Your Businesses
    Bad Example: Use Inbound Marketing to grow your business
  5. Well-formatted title: This is because, some of these characters tend to get distorted and replaced by other characters, such as, “?” etc. For example, Alternatives to Photoshop ? Web Based Image Editors. Take extra care when you use the following characters:
  • Double Quote ( ” ” )
  • Single Quote ( ‘ ‘ )
  • Comma ( , )
  • Question Mark ( ? )
  • Hyphen ( – )
  • Dash ( En Dash ” – “ or Em Dash ” — “)
  • Apostrophes ( ‘ )
  • Exclamation Points ( ! )
  • Colons ( : )
  • Ampersand ( & )

Do you have any tips to share? Feel free to add to this list!

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