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Creating a Test Plan to Improve your Email Marketing Program's Effectiveness

email marketingEmail marketing can be tricky and if not executed properly, chances are that your marketing campaign will be completely overlooked by prospective customers. In order to determine the effectiveness of your campaign, there are certain routine tests, which any smart marketer will be  sure to execute. Considering that 90% of emails are opened within three days of receiving them, it will take only 72 hours to receive feedback on your test.

Take the following steps to create a successful campaign test:

Start by asking a question: The first step in your marketing strategy should be a question directed at the consumer. The question should be such that it ultimately helps in achieving your goals. Determine your objective before starting the test plan and then address multiple issues in a single approach. Certain matters which are compulsory are;

  1. Having more people open the mails
  2. Directing more traffic towards your website
  3. Reengaging with those consumers who are historically inactive
  4. Directing consumers towards a specific area

Form theories: Use your experience in marketing to figure out which areas of your business will benefit most once your goals have been realized. Speculating on theories regarding whether or not people are getting bored with the same subject line, understanding the placement of content which will increase site traffic, consumer understanding of the company’s association with the mail and whether the campaign needs to be stronger are topics which need to be theorized upon.

Work on creating the test: Prepare the test format or list without trying to prove obvious issues. Figure out a sender’s name, pick the best day to send as some days of the week see an increased response than others, work on a subject line, prepare the layout and see how the test mail works out.

Split the list into segments: Depending on whether or not the list can be split into A/B segments, small test sections, or split up by percentage, you need to divide up the format so that consumers find it easier to address them.

Analyze and measure the results of the tests: The results of your tests let you know the degree of effectiveness of your e-mail marketing campaign. Divide the results into separate segments such as number of clicks generated, increase in web site traffic, change in conversions etc and figure out where your mail need to be improvised.

Make changes: The last step to your mail marketing campaign is to use the results of your tests to make improvisations to the mail. Whether you change the subject line, questions, line format, add more interesting content, decrease mail content, increase clicks, add links, add details or bring any other change, make sure those areas which have generated less response are changed so that the later mails have an increased participation from the consumers.

Before embarking on any email marketing campaign, run a test campaign that helps in strengthening those marketing areas, which may be less interesting to a consumer. Cash in on your test results to derive maximum benefit from your e-mail marketing program.

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