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Take Advantage of Trending Topics to Build Links

Trending Topics is a column on Twitter that enables the Twitter Community to discuss about the ‘Hot’ Topics of the day. Once you click on Trending Topics in Twitter, you are redirected to a page where the online community is expressing their thoughts on a specific topic. Hot topic words are generally preceded by a hash tag, for example #gogreen.

One of the greatest advantages of Trending Topics is that they can give a great boost in traffic to your website.  When you discuss a trending Topic, it’s natural for a good amount of people to identify with the problem and express their thoughts about it. They get attached to the cause and believe it as their own and not to say how powerful this gesture can be for the promotion of your website. You can benefit by including your webpage links so people are led to your site while discussing the trending topics.

Selection of Topic
Select a topic thats relevant for your website and/or demographic. So give preference to your need and at the same time connect it with a ‘Hot’ topic doing the rounds on the web. And you will have a great Trending Topic on your hands.

Keep tab on the latest happenings and how have people reacted towards them.  The opinion and views of the people count a great deal in shaping up Trending Topics. One of the most important things is to not become prejudiced about a news item and have an impartial viewpoint. Lastly, keep observing Tweet numbers and Google Trends to be on top of the Trending Topic.

High Quality Content for Topic
Be careful when creating your content for the topic. Sometimes even the most burning topics don’t receive a good response for the lack of hard hitting and well organized content. The key to success is including content that quickly attracts the attention of lots of people.

SEO Friendly Content
There are two ways with which people come back to your webpage –
•         The Title of your Page
•         Domain Name

Make sure your page is SEO optimized to attract even more links. For example if you are working in the stock market and your Trending Topic is Financial Market Trends, be sure you have used “Stock Market” in your website article’s body content you are linking to as well as including it in the meta content and/or title.

Full On Promotion
Pushing your product is the key to success in business, by word of mouth or by advertising. You must promote your Trending topics either by discussing or by earning a link on their page.  This may sound hard, but really it’s not that difficult to secure a few links so that your page gets good ranking on search engines. If your page has the potential, it will start building links.

Some of successful techniques in finding a great Trend is also to visit Google Trends, Google Insight, Google Hot Trends, News Timeline and Wikipedia Trends. These tools are a great asset to you in your mission of reaching the top of the web with trending topics.