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28 Ways to Boost Your Website Ranking

joomla internet marketing

  1. Foundation of the site is key. Ensure you have it built to current W3C standards utilizing such technologies as HTML, CSS and PHP
  2. Include meta-tags and keywords relative to content
  3. Body text and headings should support and reiterate keywords
  4. List your business for free on Google Maps
  5. Create a Google AdWords campaign
  6. Add a conversion form to your site
  7. Analyze your web traffic and adjust accordingly
  8. Use Google Analytics to check visitor trending such as, keyword usage and adjust accordingly
  9. Create a traffic funnel for how you want clients to navigate through your site
  10. Increase your external links to your site
  11. Periodically check for non-functioning or broken internal and external links
  12. Increase hits back to your site by doing regular email/eNewsletter marketing campaigns
  13. Add a "bookmark this page" to your site so customers can easily come back
  14. Add an "email this page to a friend" link to your site
  15. Don't use flash on your site
  16. Don't use frames on your site
  17. Don't use tables on your site
  18. Don't belong to a weblink or link ring. They don't work
  19. Regularly check your standing in popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) using keywords potential clients would be using
  20. Be sure your site loads quickly with graphics optimized for the web
  21. Keep content fresh as search engines seek out pages that are frequently updated and receive hits
  22. Be sure all links internal and external are all working
  23. Your website address should be printed on all business and marketing items
  24. Advertise your site in the many free online classifieds to increase traffic
  25. List your site with the hundreds of search engines out there - many are free
  26. Use text instead of images to tell of important links or information
  27. Purchase your domain name for long periods of time. Search engines see that as a stable, notable site.
  28. Submit a Sitemap (not sitemap) to search engines so they know of additional content

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