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Optimizing your LinkedIn Company Page

Optimizing your LinkedIn Company Page

Whether your company already has a LinkedIn page for quite some time now that you want to spruce up, or are in the process of creating a new page, you would do well to optimize it. Here are some tips to help you in your endeavor:

Start with the fundamentals: On your business page, click on the “Edit” button visible in the upper-right corner to see if you have filled all the basic information relevant to your business. To promote your business the right way, you should fill in the fields like Company Size, Company Type, Company Website URL, Company Operating Status, Main Company Industry, and Year Founded as correctly as possible. While filling the details under “Company Locations”, you should enter the address the same way as it’s found across the Internet. This would help your local SEO campaign. In case you have multiple locations, you can click “Add another location” to mention them. While filling the space under “Company Description”, you should ensure that it’s crisp, to the point, and at least a couple of sentences long. It’s important that you fill some of your company’s specialties as well.

Get the most out of your logos and cover images: You can upload images of the size 646 x 200 as your cover image. However, make sure that it represents your brand. In case your chosen image is larger than the designated size, you can always crop it after uploading. Since LinkedIn arranges uploaded logos (60 x 60) on a white rectangle, it’s advisable that you use one that already comes with a white background or else, your logo may end up looking somewhat out of place.

Selecting admins for your Company Page: If you want to keep your LinkedIn page updated on a regular basis, it would be a prudent choice to give a social media manager admin access, possibly along with a copywriter and designer. However, you would need to be connected to the people you wish to add, before you could give them access to your company page admins.

Target audiences with your posts: When you are posting updates, you will find a targeting feature that lets you share it with people you would like to. Rather than sharing it with all your followers, you can choose to share it with a select group who will benefit the most from the content and data shared within the post. You can use categories like industry, company size, function, geography, and seniority to select your target audience.

Add services and products: Setting up your “Products” page and adding your offerings can be the most tiresome job while optimizing your company’s LinkedIn page. Nevertheless, you need to fill all the relevant details to enable potential customers get the best idea about your offerings. Starting from listing a url pointing back to your product/service, which in turn points back to the company’s website, to mentioning a company employee as a contact; giving details of special offers, if any, available for the said product or service; and linking a YouTube video are some steps that you shouldn’t miss out on.

So, use these tips to get the most out of your company’s LinkedIn presence.