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10 Tips for a Better Event Email Invitation

People like to be personally invited to events. Use email invitations to target your most coveted guests and convince them to attend your event. Here are 10 tips that will encourage your recipients to open your event’s email invitation and click the register button:

1. Use a compelling subject line. The first thing a person is going to see when your invite arrives is who it’s from and the subject line. Make sure your subject line uses urgency or a call to action that compels the recipient to open your message, or else what’s contained within the message is a moot point.

2. What, where, when, and how much. Your invitation should contain all the logistical details around your event, including the fee (if applicable) for each guest. If you’re using a Constant Contact Event Marketing email invitation template, all this information will be included automatically.

3. Why attend? Provide a brief pitch to the recipient that explains what the event is and the benefit she will receive by attending.

4. Keep it short and sweet. Resist the urge to cram as much information as possible into your email invitations. Stick with the basics above, use bullet points to sum up the benefits, and direct recipients to the Event Homepage for further information, as well as to register for your event.

5. Personalize the greeting. Rather than using an impersonal “Dear Invitee” greeting, personalize your email invitations by including the recipient’s first name. If you have that information in your contact data, it can be automatically included in your invitations.

6. Use a consistent color and theme. Match your email invitation’s color scheme and theme with your Event Homepage and registration pages. Event Marketing makes it easy to do so and it makes for a more consistent user experience.

7. Add a logo. Have a company or event-specific logo? Add it to your invitations for added branding and recognition.

8. Remember the mobile viewers. When building your invite, don’t make it look too much like a webpage as some recipients may be viewing it on a mobile device. Make sure the information is conveyed in an easy-to-read manner.

9. Change up the call to action. You can customize the “Register Now” button text to any call to action you want. Change it to “Tell Me More,” “Sign Me Up,” or another meaningful call to action that gets people to click through to the event home and registration pages.

10. Re-send to non-responders. As your event draws near, you can send a second invitation to only those who have yet to respond to the initial invite. Just make a copy of your original invite, change up the subject line (i.e., “Only 5 seats left”), and send to only those who have yet to register.

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