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Adobe Marketing Cloud: Faster and Smarter Social Media Marketing

Adobe Marketing Cloud: Faster and Smarter Social Media Marketing

Are you looking for a complete set of analytics, social, advertising and web experience management solutions for your business? Quantification is one of the key attributes of going digital but you need the right tools to ensure that. How would you like a single service that features everything you would need to maintain and evaluate social marketing, optimize your social media profile and track your campaigns? It can help bring together everything you need to know about your marketing campaign. That’s what Adobe Marketing Cloud can help you with.

Data to Insights to Action: Tune Your Social Media Strategy for ROI
Marketers have more data than ever to analyze for insights. With customers turning into multi-channel and multi-device shoppers, it is essential to drive business with social commerce. With Adobe’s new interface, the Marketing Cloud, you can collaborate across all of Marketing Cloud products. With one access point or login for Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Media Optimizer – it allows easy access to the marketer with a huge to-do digital marketing list. To top that, each product comes with a share button which turns content or data into a card. You will get a news feed of relevant cards when you login and you can choose to view, comment on or annotate. You can pull cards together into a board and in the event of a specific issue, team members can get into a real-time discussion around them, with the cards gathered at one place.

Smarter marketing means understanding your customer and not just their demographic details. With Adobe, savvy marketers can find a single view of their business on social media platforms. This makes it easy for the marketer to focus on what actually matters and find, understand, attract, engage, monitor, communicate, and track consumers, fans, and customers.

Successful branding and marketing also requires reduction of organizational silos, rather, design, advertising, marketing and analytics teams should work together in an efficient manner. This great tool from Adobe lets you do all that and more, it also allows teams using different Adobe products to come together, even if they are not in the same company.

Have you used Adobe Marketing Cloud? Is it one of the broadest and most complete marketing suites of applications you have used? Share your views here!