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Email Marketing - a Green Choice

Invaluable feedback.
With printed materials that are handed out, posted or mailed, you have no idea what the client has done with it, or even if they read it. With email marketing you can see what links your clients have clicked on, and how many times.

Spread the word.
With a forward button on the eNewsletter, you can potentially increase your customer base two-fold.

Compared to printed marketing (printing, postage, etc), email marketing is significantly a higher return on investment and a great "green" choice.

Drive them to your site.
After all, this is one of the main points to sending out an email campaign is to get more clients to your site to see all the wonderful things you have to offer! Besides, it helps your Google ranking too!

Listen and Learn.
If you offer a variety of topics that clients can "click here to read more" you can learn what it is they are most interested in by viewing who clicked on what article and linked back to your site.

Let them speak.
With email or website polls or surveys, you can directly target the information you would like from your client.

And these are just a few of the many reasons why internet marketing has seen such tremendous growth over the past couple years. Is this what your competition will be doing next?

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