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5 Tell Tale Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

It is important to have your business website and its content updated from time to time. If your company has an old website with outdated information, your customers might reconsider business options with you. Wondering what’s the general consensus on how often should you redesign your website? With technology changes and newer web design techniques emerging, it might be important to update your website sooner than you think. Read on to find out more about the tell tale signs or reasons to redesign your website.

Sign #1: Your website does not function on mobile devices
Statistics show that one in three of web users login from their mobile devices. If your website does not load properly on a mobile device, users may abandon it. A mobile-friendly website specifically means a website that looks and functions great on any mobile handset that is internet-enabled. Google has a number of interesting tools and findings that help you find out more about how mobile speed can impact your bottom line, get advice from mobile industry leaders, and learn how to build stronger mobile experiences for consumers.

Sign #2: No longer represents your brand
From the logo and the header to the content and the font, every element of your website must reflect your brand. Apart from giving it a unique identity online, it helps your user remember your business and what you offer. They subconsciously begin to associate the brand elements that they see with your business. It’s likely that you have had a business leadership change or staff changes which are not reflected on your website. Perhaps you are offering more services or streamlining your system to offer less than before. Whatever your reason for change, it is essential to update your website accordingly. Remember that adopting and embracing new technology shows growth and stability on behalf of your brand.

Sign #3: It’s not secured with HTTPS
Your users expect a secure and private online experience when using your website and they are particularly concerned about the integrity and confidentiality of data between their system and your site. When you adopt HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) an internet communication protocol, you are assuring your users three layers of protection including encryption, data integrity and authentication. If you migrate your site from HTTP to HTTPS, this is considered to be a site move with URL changes by Google and this might impact your website traffic. It is recommended that you follow all the necessary steps for site movies.

Sign #4: You have a unique problem - bounce rate, site hack or others
Outside of the factors mentioned above, one of the main reasons for website redesign is the need to solve a problem that you are facing. It might be related to building your online presence and dealing with the increasing bounce rate (working on identifying your user’s needs and providing them the right product or service solution as quickly and conveniently as possible on your site) or even a dramatic event such as a site hack. When redesigning your site, it is important to discuss all the challenges that you want to overcome.

Sign #5: It needs fresh content
Your website is your business tool, a sales pitch and a business card that displays your products and services. It is essential for your brand’s success. When you have concluded that your website needs fresh content to enhance marketing efforts or showcase the added products and services, you can consider switching to a content management system such as WordPress or Drupal. You can turnaround your content into meaningful, informative and optimized for SEO.

Whatever tell tale sign for a website redesign, you need to choose the right web developer for this job. If you’re looking for an agency to build your new website or help you with answers on how to redesign your website, speak to us today!