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Ridge Cafe has been serving Draper for over 5 years. With an amazing location atop Suncrest community, the cafe offers breathtaking views of the Wasatch mountain range and remains a staple in the community. Ridge Cafe's cool ambiance is popular with locals and draws a destination crowd with its Instagram worthy vibe.

Challenge: The cafe lacked any real direction with inconsistent administration coming and going and no marketing strategy, it is no wonder sales were declining.

totumlinkWe love creating for startups! Totumlink was a startup needing branding, marketing materials, ecommerce event registration and a strong online presence leading up to, and through the launch.

Challenge: Getting noticed by schools and corporations that a Clinical Mental Health Counselor was offering onsite mental health options about this often-taboo topic.

csbpCollege Street Brewhouse & Pub was a startup Gastropub, that needed branding, marketing materials, website design and a strong online presence leading up to, and through the launch.

Challenge: Mostly everything seemed to be stacked up against this pub ever coming to fruition; setbacks for the launch date, launching in the middle of a recession, and a strange locale in the industrial area of a small tourist town.

nauticalThe Nautical Beachfront Resort sought us out after having witnessed the results we garnered for a neighboring property and wanted in on the action.

Challenge: The property and all its on-site entities lacked any clear branding or direction in their marketing efforts. Much of it was a collaboration from local designers over the years, thus, resulting in a clear and inconsistent message being put in front of prospective clients.

Enviro Care logo

Enviro Care is a multi-million-dollar corporation with multiple locations in business since 2015 providing environmental and disaster services to a multi-state service area.

Challenge: Lagging sales, authentic website hits, lack of inquiries. Before coming to us, their prior site was severely neglected, non-responsive, riddled with broken links, missing pages and broke when you resized it for mobile or tablet viewing. Their SEO Company (which they paid a great deal to over the years) was simply going through the motions and not effectively managing or optimizing the website, not bringing them prospects, and continually billing them with no improvement. As you can see in the image below, we hit the ground running February 2, 2020 and there has been a drastic improvement across the board regarding their stats and website.

eo tools logoEO Tools served a niche audience of essential oil enthusiasts providing educational and fun tools to be used with essential oils.

Challenge: Started in 2014 in a small, relatively new, niche industry, they wanted to grow big and fast to become one of the most visible essential oil tool suppliers in the industry.


Verdansa (formerly Verdant Vigilante), a nonprofit based in New York City, has been a client of studio1c's since approximately 2010. Led by passionate and determined New Yorkers, Verdansa has made exceptional strides through the years. Besides having their website, they are now working towards launching a smartphone app to report idling vehicles in NYC.

Challenge: Verdansa is in the clean air and environmental sectors in NYC - a highly competitive space. They came to studio1c for a fresh new look to their website to showcase information about their new app release along with internet marketing and SEO. 


totumlinkTranscend Total Body Rejuvenation was a struggling startup for over 2 years before choosing studio1c. They needed a website overhaul, online booking for services and a strong, internet presence, consistent marketing plan.

Challenge: Growing leads and sales during COVID in a small town.

Kailua Kona Rentals logoKailua Kona Rentals served a niche audience of essential oil enthusiasts providing educational and fun tools to be used with essential oils.

Challenge: In 2017, the owners of this condo purchased it as an investment property and needed it to be rented as often as possible.

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