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If you are not visible online, you will be out of business.

Everything today begins with a Google Search. You want to buy a new smart phone, book a table at a nearby restaurant, or book a vacation you simly cannot achieve this without searching on Google.

Paid advertising on Google and Facebook can be complex and expensive and bring mixed results, if any. Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) gives you relevance and assistance with converting users consistently.

Our SEO Services ensure that your website is visible when anyone searches with inqueries relevant to your business.

Search Engine Results

Some success stories of our SEO Services:

  • CUSTOMER A: Achieved first place ranking on Google Search after 2.5 months with a 70% increase in online sales
  • CUSTOMER B: Acquired 8 of 10 top placements on first page of Google Search within a few months
  • CUSTOMER C: In just 2 months improved analytics with a 107% increase in page views, and decreased their bounce rate by nearly 98%!

Customized SEO Services can include:

  • On-page Audit: We audit every feature that makes the site SEO compliant and better placed.
  • Technical Audit (all tech features): Site speed, XML sitemaps, Robots etc.
  • Off-page Audit: Audits our current backlink profile (good and bad backlinks). The recommendations will depend basis point number 4 and 5 below.
  • Competitor Analysis and Bench marking: We will evaluate the above points of the competitors and recommend what we should take from them.
  • Keyword & Content Strategy: We will analyze the current keywords and content. Upon our analysis (including competitor benchmarking), we will recommend new keywords and content plan.
  • Implementation of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Google Search Console
  • Reputation Management
  • Customized goals
  • Internet Marketing

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