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Your website should be a combination of form and function that is visually appealing, engages visitors and converts them into paying customers. Since 2007, we’ve built a solid reputation as a trusted provider of website development and online marketing so you can rest assured your business is in good hands.

Get a New Website, or Upgrade Your Website

studio1c has designed numerous websites for clients in Utah, across the US and throughout the world. These websites represent our clients in the online world. They generate revenue, they attract and convert visitors into fans, and increase loyalty among existing customers.

Our web design services can integrate all that in your website. We will work closely with you to thoroughly understand your goals, values, ambitions and ethics to integrate that into your website that serves new and returning customers.

Website Design with Purpose

Deliberately designed websites gently guide prospects towards the action that you want them to take. That could mean buying your product, subscribing to your paid subscription service, downloading a file, or signing up to your newsletter to capture leads.

Website design and structure has a lot to do with SEO, fast page loads, modern UI, usability, and engaging the customer so that they don’t bounce off to your competitor’s website.

In simple terms, your website should:

  • Have the potential to rank high on Google
  • Work smoothly on PCs, laptops, tablets, across all operating systems
  • Be attractive and engaging for potential customers
  • Be easy enough to use and navigate around

eCommerce Shopify Website Development

eCommerce websites allow you to sell your goods online securely, effectively and fulfill products or services to your clients. Custom shopify ecommerce modules can be tailored to fit each business' individual needs while allowing you to manage and update your entire online store.

  • Online Shopify Store with payment, shipping and tax integration
  • Digital Downloads - great for selling ebooks, videos, audio files, etc. Emails customer a link to download area after paying. You can specify the number of downloads allowed and time limit to download.
  • Paid Advertising Space - sell ads and make money
  • PayPal button integration for smaller sites selling only a few items
  • PayPal donate button
  • Monthly membership sales
  • Shopify integration with Facebook and Instagram
  • Event registration with payment and ticketing - Setup your event and sell tickets online at your site utilizing PayPal gateway. Customer uses customized barcode ticket to gain entry into event.

We Do what Others Don't

We will build a website that can be scaled along your business. Our team will keep your fast and nimble by cutting out unnecessary lines of codes and elements. Your website will be ready to expand as you add products, services, images, blog posts and additional pages on your website. You will be able to use any tool, or software with your website and execute your ambitious marketing campaigns with ease.

Some of the key highlights of our Utah Web Development services:

  • Utilization of CSS, HTML, and PHP for site development
  • Google Analytics tracking and utilization of their guidelines
  • Conversion form (highly recommended) for SEO and future marketing purposes
  • Meta Tags (keywords, descriptions, titles) and headings for SEO
  • Optimized images for quick loading times, and include ALT tags
  • Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL’s
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Responsive Design optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Unlimited links, photos or text in the price - you’re not limited or charge per image

Give us a call for a free consult with one of our team members (801) 885-3063.


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