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Clear & Consistent Messaging. Always.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools available to businesses today.

Create clear and consistent messaging that speaks to your customers' problems and how your company helps them solve that problem.

Email Marketing Services:

  • eMail Marketing/Enewsletter training
  • eMail drip and automation campaigns
  • eMail design and template creation
  • Optimizing your enewsletter
  • Assistance with content creation
  • Reporting and analytics of your eNewsletter traffic

It's Effective
Email marketing works for a variety of reasons...

  • It allows targeting
  • It is data driven - educate and inform your customers
  • It allows for more frequent customer contact, which translates into higher revenues.
  • It builds relationships, loyalty and trust and name recognition
  • It supports sales through other channels - pushing clients to your website and pulling information from them
  • It's immediate and can generate quick results
  • With a "Forward Email" link you could increase your customer base two-fold


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It's Affordable
Compared to printed marketing, email marketing has a significantly higher return on investment. Unlike direct mail, email marketing requires virtually no production or postage costs.

It's Measurable
Unlike most marketing options, email marketing is measurable. You can easily track who opens your emails and what links they click on (i.e. learn what interests them most!) You actually know who is looking at your messages!

A good email marketing campaign can help you:

  • Increase your sales conversion
  • Generate repeat sales
  • Up-sell and cross-sell products and services
  • Gain valuable feedback from your visitors
  • Drive web users to make offline purchases

It's Easy
You can create professional-looking campaigns with no design or expertise, or have me take care of the design, writing and great ideas for marketing!


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