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How to Create a Successful Content Strategy For Your Business
Does your organization have a content marketing strategy? If you’re either in the group that has a strategy but never documented it or one that has no strategy at all, we’re here to help. These days, content is one of the best ways to raise awareness of a brand, services or products among a targeted audience. We recommend that you start by setting out your mission, goals and the KPIs for success of your content marketing strategy. Goals are an important part of any marketing initiative and content marketing goals are especially important as they set out what your business will achieve from content marketing. Examples of goals include - increase in webpage traffic, improving sales or getting more leads from your website. To measure success, you can use KPIs such as page views, organic users, number of subscribers or revenue targets.

Deciding on the Content Types
What forms will your content take? Will you stick to the tried and tested blog posts or will you opt for interesting infographics and explainer videos that draw the attention of your targeted customers? As you begin creating content in different formats, you will have a number of channels to choose from to publish them. From owned properties such as your website and blog to social media properties such as Facebook and Instagram, you need to determine the right content type that visualize your company’s message and importantly, assert your position as an authority in your market. Once you have defined your content’s target audience, also referred to as a buyer persona, you can begin brainstorming ideas - including evergreen content and news-worthy content from time to time. Tools such as BuzzSumo and HubSpot blog ideas generator are a step in the right direction for anyone starting out on the content marketing journey. Over time, you will be able to arrive at the content format with the highest views or shares for your product or services.

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Allocating Content Resources
Once you have decided on the content types, it is crucial to earmark the resources who will help you in developing this content. You need to finalize on the content marketing resource who will produce and maintain the content, digital tools and resources that you will leverage and your content scheduling options. The content production process needs to be outlined and audited often to ensure that you are staying abreast with the content marketing trends in 2020.

The Content Calendar: An Invincible Resource
Here are a set of questions that you should ask yourself to determine what your editorial calendar should look like.

  • How frequently do you publish content and where? Do you have stuff going live through the day on your website and social media or do you publish once a week
  • What are the content types that you use? Does it include YouTube videos, blog posts and social media posts
  • Do you have an established content pipeline for content topic approval and publishing checks? Do you need a calendar that includes different stages of content creation?

Once you have answered these questions, you can create a perfectly robust calendar using Google Sheets or shared Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You can even opt for a number of tools available online for creating editorial calendars.

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real estate virtual toursRealtors are trying to adjust their approach to buying and selling in the midst of this unprecedented crisis. For commercial real estate, property tours are nearly impossible to organize. While there is nothing like experiencing a home or an office space in person, virtual real estate tours offer a close equivalent to open houses and showings. Thriving in the age of social distancing translates to relying on technology including virtual tours or drones to show off the property.

What is a virtual tour?
Virtual tours are digital recreations of any existing space - using a specialized camera that can shoot still and 360 videos or tools that allow architectural drawings to come to life. These virtual tours can be experienced on your client’s phone, desktop, or a VR headset. As a part of your real estate marketing plans, the ability to share professional photos, easy-to-use interactive floor plans, immersive 3D tours, and other visual tools - ensures that you are a top choice of the buyers. From hybrid floor plan tours that allow potential buyers to experience every room with dimensions and images that are brought to life or a walkthrough video with a steady room-to-room true video tour - there are a number of options to choose from.

How to organise virtual tours?
Utilize one of the easily available websites to create experiences like nothing your client has seen before. You can add these links with embedded tours directly on to your site. You can choose to have a link for a widget or provide a link for a pop up window. There are a number of customized Do It Yourself (DIY) full-service options that you can choose from.

Real estate marketing help
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marketing during a recession

Marketers find themselves in poorly charted waters every time a recession hits the market. Even if you have studied marketing successes and failures of leading brands, nothing can prepare you as the circumstances are not always alike. However, one thing remains. Customers begin to set stricter priorities, reduce their spending and postpone any new investments as well.

A popular adage says, “When times are good you should advertise. When times are bad you must advertise.” In the current scenario that we are in, one thing is for certain. Advertising decisions should be made and implemented, no matter what the state of the economy. Here’s why and how!

  • When you choose not to spend on advertising during recession, you are bound to lose your “share of mind” with your customers. This has the potential to bring down your current and future sales. An increase in “share of voice”, even during crisis situations such as downturns is sure to drive up “share of mind” as it is likely that your competitors are cutting budgets, consumption patterns are shifting from expendables to essentials. While a downturn is a trying time for customers and businesses alike, there is an undercurrent of stress and fear beneath that surface. If you are able to tap into and appeal to your customers emotionally, you have a better chance at “share of mind”.
  • Analyzing and tracking your budgets are crucial during the recession and digital marketing allows for specific and measurable marketing campaigns. There’s no better way to identify your best performing marketing strategy, reach the audiences you want and deliver compelling ad campaigns. Together with creative merchandising and launch offers, you will be able to innovate for a successful way even during the times of a financial storm. So what are you waiting for?
  • Seize market share from timid competitors. During the 1990-91 recession, two leading food chains took advantage of a fast food giant’s decision to curtail advertising spend. The food chain’s sales increased over 60% and the fast food chain’s sales actually declined.
  • What’s trending online? The answer to this question holds the answer to all your online marketing queries to start with. Monitoring Google Trends and other related sites is important to know what people are asking about your industry or services at this time. You can begin creating content around related topics and your pages will be ready and available when sales picks back.

Even in the uncertain times of a lockdown, people still search for information online. It’s time to start investing in your web presence. Contact Studio1c for information. We will take a comprehensive look at your entire online marketing presence and create a customized plan suited for your business needs.

We've seen it time and time again. Customers come to us after having an SEO Company with tons of employees in a big building work on their SEO and Internet Marketing with little to show for thousands of dollars spent over the years. Unfortunately, we see this a lot. Entirely way too often and it makes us mad and makes us work harder to prove ourselves in the industry.

Recently, we had a large company with multiple locations reach out to us about our customized internet marketing after years being with so called SEO Experts. After a few hours of analysis, a few things became apparent looking over the customers 3 years of reports and anayltics:

  1. The client was paying a lot of money and getting little ROI
  2. Client was receiving a lot of SPAM inquiries from their website form
  3. Their reputation management was horribly neglected on Google and Facebook
  4. Their bounce rate was consistently ridiculously high over at least 3 years with little time spent on the site
  5. The backlinks created by their "SEO Specialists" literally provided ZERO traffic
  6. Most alarmingly, the keywords they were ranking #1 for (as stated in their monthly report) NO ONE WAS EVER USING! (think about it... if you are a plumber and you rank high for "purple cream filled donuts" what good is that doing your plumbing business?)
  7. The website maintenance which was also handled by this SEO Company had broken links, 404 errors, dead links and blank pages that had been that way for at least 1 year!
  8. Furthermore, nothing had been done to improve any of this over their 3 year contract with a large SEO Company!

Our issues with this...


Not only should you have access to view your Google Analytics, you should also be able to see what was done each month. Not showing ALL the numbers.

Know Your Analytics
If you don't have access to your Google Analytics and know what you're looking at, you need someone to teach you. This is your investment. Don't assume that just because you have access, everything is good. Many SEO Specialists rely on the fact that the average customer doesn't understand what all this means. You should know: how many hits you get, how long they stay, how they come to your site and what keywords they're using to find you - at the very least.

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