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Writing Prompts for Quick and Creative Emails

Writing an email is easy. Just answer these questions: What are you offering? How will it help the reader? What should they do next?

Creating shareable content for your business

Every day, millions of status updates, photos and videos are added to social media feeds and websites. How do you generate content that stands out from the crowd? Content that grabs attention and wows people to an extent that they begin to share it. Studies have proven that people have an inherent desire to share information, especially things that they see as useful and interesting. There’s no doubt that most information that is shared online is either - helpful, amusing or interesting.

Top Reasons to Use Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a successful marketing tactic that delivers great results—even in a world of increasing mobile and social channels. With more than 600,000 customers, Constant Contact is the leading provider of email marketing for small businesses and nonprofits. Our easy-to-use solution lets you quickly create beautiful, professional-looking emails that get meaningful results—more customers, more donors, more sales, and more revenue.

Best Website Speed Optimization Techniques

Did you know that a one second delay in page load time leads to nearly 7% loss in conversions and 11% fewer page views? [Akamai study] On the other hand, enhanced website speed results in improvements in customer experience and sales. Having a fast site is essential, not just for ranking well on Google but keeping your ROI high as well. Google also understands that customers want to access accurate information quickly and consequently rewards websites that load quickly. Average Page Load Times for Websites in 2019 Looking back, we’ve found that the recommended page load time in 2018 [Machm...

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