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How Search Engines Crawl and Index Sites

How Google search works. The basics of crawling and indexing. With over 90% of searches done on Google, it's imperative to know how google operates. Imagine publishing a novel without having penned as much as a diary entry ever before. It might certainly work if you are lucky, but it’s a lot easier to know the core elements of writing beforehand. Even before a user hits the search option on Google, the search engine has organized information about the webpages in the search index. It is essential to understand how Google organizes information to deliver the most relevant, useful results ...

Spa DIY Shower & Bath Infographic

This visual infographic was for EO Tools that wanted a simple visual that conveyed how easy it is to create natural DIY products for bath and shower. The infographic averages 5,000 impressions per month on Pinterest.

Do 404s Hurt Google Crawling and your Site’s Ranking?

Can 404 errors lead to negative impact on your site’s ranking? Yes, it can. But there’s more to 404 than that. If you run a website or blog, it is important that you create a custom 404 page. This can help direct visitors who encounter this error on your website.
5 Metrics for Measuring Digital Marketing Success

5 Metrics for Measuring Digital Marketing Success

You’re probably thinking leads and sales when you’re asked about the digital marketing metrics that are tracked for brand growth. As websites continue to become an inseparable part of the consumer’s journey, the need to measure digital marketing success also increases. However, with the large amount of data available, choosing the right type of metric to monitor can be a daunting task. The good news is that we have shortlisted few key metrics that are applicable to pretty much every type of digital marketing campaign. Here are the top 5 essential metrics that you should have your finger on...

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