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Permission Marketing

Permission Marketing

What is permission marketing? To simply put it, it’s the opposite of interruptive marketing. Pretty much as the name implies permission marketing is the freedom of delivering expected, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. In this form of marketing, potential customer gives you permission to market to them. This means that they actually want you to market to them and introduce them to new products. Permission marketing opens the doors to a whole new relationship for you and your client. When you get a customer's permission to market to them you are building...

Creating a Test Plan to Improve your Email Marketing Program's Effectiveness

Email marketing can be tricky and if not executed properly, chances are that your marketing campaign will be completely overlooked by prospective customers. In order to determine the effectiveness of your campaign, there are certain routine tests, which any smart marketer will be  sure to execute. Considering that 90% of emails are opened within three days of receiving them, it will take only 72 hours to receive feedback on your test. Take the following steps to create a successful campaign test: Start by asking a question: The first step in your marketing strategy should be a questi...

Giving your Website Stickiness

Owning your own website means and includes ensuring that you attract maximum visitors to your site. The more people that visit your website, the more visible you are. However, it is important to ensure that not all visitors are first timers and that there are also returning visitors. Simple ways to ensure that your visitors return is by ensuring that your website is "sticky". Following are some simple ways to enhance the stickiness of your website: User Friendly Design: If you want your website to become a favorite with your target audience, it is important to create a website design that ...

Ideas for Utilizing QR Codes in Marketing and Advertising

While most of the world is gushing over the increasing popularity and varied usage of social media, another technology has silently emerged in the US, making people sit back and take notice. We are talking about Quick Response codes or QR Codes. These are basically bar codes created in 2-D format, and if you have a smart phone with a camera, then you can easily scan it and find out the information hidden inside it. From advertising and marketing perspective, you can use these codes to input a lot of information on your product and services. All that a customer has to do is to scan it to ext...

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