Gain more followers on TwitterDeveloping organic traffic to your Twitter account often takes more time than paid results, but once you succeed, it will give your marketing efforts a solid foundation, which will continue growing. Here are several tips that can help you in your endeavor:

Know your niche: You may be an expert on your niche but you will still need some time to listen and learn what drives conversations on the platform, what industry leaders and doing and talking about, what popular bloggers in your niche are writing about, how things move on Twitter etc. Once you have a fair idea about these things, you should find ways to participate in current conversations, and add value to the same. By sharing your expertise, perspective, and adding value to existing conversations, you can draw attention and position yourself as a leader, which will automatically make people follow you.

Take the initiative: Your job doesn’t end with opening of the Twitter account and running away after a brief introduction about yourself/your business. Rather, you should start developing relationships by finding and reaching out to key people with whom you share a common ground, participate in discussions, trigger smart conversation etc. In other words, you should be proactive and reach out to people rather than waiting for them to come to you.

Don’t try to be an expert on everything: You don’t need to be an expert on everything and end up straying from your niche. Remember – you can’t add much value to a niche that’s not yours. So, be active in domains where your expertise is regarded as a valuable asset. This way, you will be able to establish yourself as a leader and garner followers.

Write content that others can share: You should post interesting and quality content that encourage people to share the same with others. So, you should make your posts share-friendly and offer real answers/insights to people’s queries/problems, share useful resources for your network etc.

Be resourceful: You should share others’ content (which are useful/fun/creative) as much as your own. By sharing valuable stuff, you can get lots of retweets and even be followed by people who look up to you to be someone who adds value to the network.

Follow smart: You should follow a limited number of people rather than following people randomly who don’t care about you or your business. Remember – identifying the right people, and participating in meaningful conversations may take time but they will ultimately make you create bonds that drive traffic to your website and bring you more followers.

Managing your tweets: Too many tweets may annoy people and drive them away, while too little may make your forgotten. So, keep a balance and manage your tweets well by ensuring that your tweets are consistent and match your goal.

Using your Twitter link in email signatures: By adding your Twitter link to your email signature, you can encourage people on your mailing list to visit your account, some of whom may eventually become your followers. You may also use online tools like WiseStamp to generate an html signature, which can be used/integrated with other networks, RSS etc.

Invites To Twitter: You can use the Twitter icon on your website/blog with a call to follow. You may also display your Twitter feed on the sidebar of your website/blog, or place a link to your Twitter account beside the subscribe button. By displaying your Twitter account and activity this way, you can grab more eyeballs, and create a buzz to get more followers.

Offline promotion: You should promote your Twitter URL via your business cards, brochures, flyers or any other promotional item that goes to print. In case you run a small restaurant or a shop selling handcrafted items etc, you may post weekly/monthly specials, discounts etc on the counter, and remind your customers to follow your special offers on Twitter for additional benefits.

Use these tips to get followers, who in the long run will bring more business and recognition your way.

display-adDisplay advertising is the most basic form of any advertising. It was formerly known as banner advertising and was the first model of internet advertising. As with all advertising campaigns, the first thing which you need in display advertising is to know what your audience wants and how you are going to achieve it. Here are a few tips to make the most of this graphical advertising on the internet:

Develop innovative campaigns: A creative ad which captures the attention of the audience is great for achieving your campaign objectives. The size of the ads will depend on the uniqueness of each ad and the kind of effect you are looking for. But remember that ads which take too long to load are bypassed by most consumers resulting in weak campaign performance.

Select proper advertising platforms: The appropriate platform makes all the difference between a successful business and a failed one. For example, one would hardly advertise old age medicines on a preppy social networking site. The advertisement would be out of context and the money spent on the campaign would be a waste. Thus, selecting your platform according to the target audience is crucial. Social networking sites are one of the best advertising platforms since they enable you to reach out to a diverse range of people belonging to different age groups. Demographics, vertical and location - all matter when it comes to choosing an appropriate platform.

Negotiate an appropriate price: Costs for ads should be properly negotiated or you may end up paying premium price for a mediocre location. Ad prices are negotiated on the basis of CPA, CPM or CPC. CPA is the ad cost per acquisition. This kind of advertisements are paid for only when someone directly converts the advertisement.CPM is the cost of ads per thousand, which means that it charges for thousand impressions at once. CPC is cost per click wherein advertisers pay the publishers on the basis of the number of clicks an ad gets.

Track your campaign results: The biggest advantage of online advertising campaigns is that their results can be tracked easily. No matter which network you choose to advertise with, get all reports concerning your marketing results and adjust or change your campaign strategy accordingly.

Secure ROI: Display advertising is the best way to guarantee ROIs. Usage of creative ad displays, which hold consumer interest, generate good ROIs and are an essential part of good marketing campaigns. The best ROIs are generated by combining search based advertising campaigns with display advertising campaigns. So, while planning your next campaign use your creativity to come up with an ad which brings most ROIs.

Track the trends: Successful advertising demands that you give consumers what they want. This means keeping yourself abreast of the changing market trends. The latest trends in display advertising veer towards data driven advertisements. The audience wants data regarding everything; where to buy, what to buy and how to buy along with product details that tell them everything regarding the products. So, plan your campaigns along these lines.

facebook-burstThough the number of people using Facebook for various purposes has been steadily increasing over the years, a feature that still remains underutilized on Facebook is interest lists. If you are interested in any content that’s on Facebook, you can use this feature to organize them. What’s more, you can even build your own interest lists based on the things you are interested about, or subscribe to other people's lists. If you own a business, this feature can help you to monitor competitors and clients, and thus keep your business one step ahead of the competition. You will simply need to access Facebook Interests, add those whom you want to be on your list, give a name to your list, and select who can see the list (Public/Friends/Only Me) before hitting the ‘Done’ button.

Here’s how you can use such lists to your business’s advantage:

Monitoring your clients

Create a client list: There are 3 ways to create or subscribe to the interest lists and this includes; Friends – where all your activities are checked only by people whom you choose as friends; Only Me – where you can have your own private list to be viewed only by you; and Public – where everything you choose will be visible to your customers as well as others.

By creating a private Only Me list, which includes your key clients' brand Facebook pages and personal profile, you can keep track of their major life events, how they feel about other brands, their new business developments etc. Knowing all these in real time can help you to build stronger relationships. For example, you can send them congratulatory notes on a new product launch or the birth of a baby or on birthdays/anniversaries etc. Again, you can create public list for your customers that they can benefit from. For example, you can build expert or industry lists specific to your business niche, and show that you care. For example, if you are into social marketing, you can create a list of top 3 social media influencers, and share it with your fans. Though some of these names could be your competitors, sharing the list would help your existing and potential clients know that you care and want to help their social marketing efforts. Such a move would also build your credibility, which would ultimately give a positive image to your business.

Monitoring your competitors

Staying ahead of your competitors is one of the major aspects of doing any business successfully. You can create a private list of the brand pages of your top competitors to follow their events, posts, and keep an eye on how they interact with their clients and fans. Such a move could help you to get valuable insight into your competitors’ social media strategy, which in turn could help you to refine and develop your own plans. You could also take note of how they deal with major industry developments, change direction, use posts that get a lot of attention, encourage fans to interact more etc. In case a competitor fails to offer good services or decides to shut shop, you can rush in to grab the market if it’s feasible and in line with your existing business.

So, stay updated about what your competitors and clients are doing, sharing, and talking about, by using Facebook’s interest lists.

conversion-formYou don’t have to spend a fortune to increase sales or leads for your website. There are a number of free and easier techniques you can use for increased website conversion. Consider the case of any service based website. You are probably hoping that your website alone will be enough to help generate leads for your business.

It is hard to quote a price for many services without gathering more information from your client. Then, what do you do? How do you get your visitors to leave their contact details so you can contact them by e-mail or telephone?

Ideally, you want your visitors to check your website and fill out a [conversion] form with their contact details so you can get in touch with them to further discuss how your services will help them. Keep in mind, no one wants to fill out a long form! A short, discrete conversion form will help convert your visitors to leads. Images on the form also make a difference to the number of leads.

The Ideal Form for Your Website

  • Outline the metrics of your marketing campaign before you develop a form for your website.
  • Depending on the needs of your website, you might require a short or medium form
  • Most often, the form has to be short, professional and attractive so it can entice the visitor to fill the required details
  • Reduce the number of fields in your form and ensure that the visitor is not going to fill in unnecessary details
  • Your form should be placed higher on the page so it is clearly visible without the need to scroll
  • Remove the main navigation from the page if possible
  • Guarantee privacy to anyone who uses the form. You can do this by placing a link to your site’s Privacy Policy in the form itself
  • Visitor will feel added trust in your site and form of he/she finds a customer testimonial in the form area as well
  • Some freebies in exchange for the visitors contact details are a good enticement
  • For added lead generation and return visitors, add the collected emails to your future email marketing campaigns

Apart from all this, it is important to change the form on your website from time to time. While you change the form, review the changes to the number of leads. If you are annoying your visitors with little or no content and long forms to fill, you may be discouraging repeat visits.

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