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Pros and Cons of Becoming an LLC

If you are a small business owner and are contemplating becoming an LLC, consider your risks and be aware of the pros and cons of the process. Following are some factors that may help you decide: Pros Legal protection: The primary advantage of becoming an LLC (limited liability company) is that your personal liability gets limited. So, in case a loan is taken or a debt is incurred for business, the responsibility to repay it is on the business. This way, in case of lawsuits, your personal assets would be protected from being held up as assets that could be held for the recovery of the o...

8 P's of Strategic Social Marketing for your Nonprofit

Marketing for your nonprofit is not just about raising funds. The larger goal of marketing is to create a sound image for your nonprofit, deliver the right message about the causes it espouses, and a meaningful difference. Strategic Social Marketing your nonprofit is, therefore, based on the same principles of marketing as any other business organization, but also something more. The first 4 P’s of social marketing are the same as the marketing mix of any other business organization: Product For your nonprofit, your product is the cause or the mission that you are supporting. Therefore, i...

How Nonprofits are Sailing Through the Recession

It is challenging for a non-profit to survive the tough economic times, just like any business organization. It is a time when the regular donors begin to back out, and new donors are difficult to find. However, the key is to maintain focus on the goals, and sail through the recession by sticking to the basics. Here are some of the things that successful nonprofits are doing to sail through the tough times: Persisting with fund-raising efforts Pulling back from fund-raising efforts is not the answer to the recession. Just as smart business organizations continue to make marketing efforts ...

10 Essential Features for your Nonprofit Website

The website of your nonprofit organization is at the center of your online marketing strategy. Therefore, it deserves the maximum effort to create a great, user-friendly website that works 24x7 to fulfill the goals of your nonprofit. Here are 10 must-have features that can make a successful nonprofit website: 1. User Registration User Registration is an excellent feature for your non-profit website. It enables serious visitors to establish a long-term connection with your website. The serious users provide you the basic necessary information that identifies them. That allows you to give t...

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