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Making Money During a Recession

Ever wondered what sells during a recession and what doesn’t? Which are the goods in high demand during recession? Historically, sales of luxury goods are affected due to the recession. Luxury brands and expensive consumer electronics are witnessing a slump in sales. A number of companies have laid off employees due to lack of business as well. Although it a shallow and shorter cycle when compared to a depression, the global recession is a resulting in lower growth, which leads to lower profits, dividends will decline and shares are no longer attractive to hold. However, the sale of basic ...

37 Ways to Use Social Media to Market Your Website

The key to every site’s success is through good marketing and promotion. Even if you have really good and substantial content on your site, you still need to promote it to avoid getting left behind the competition. In the internet community, the best way to achieve an increase in website traffic and revenue is to take advantage of social media. When used correctly, this tool can provide a platform for brand awareness, exposure, networking, and a huge boost in traffic & sales. Since there are so many different definitions of social media, let’s clarify what we’re talking about here. Soc...

5 Ways to Make Marketing a Success in a Recession

Ideally, marketing should be a self supporting activity which pays back the cost of investment and reaches potential buyers at the right time. However, businesses need to market their services to their consumers with much effort today. During a recession, it’s tempting to get in a “holding pattern” of waiting for things to get better. Cutting costs and staff is not the solution. While it’s important to run a lean business, remember that it is impossible to make money by saving money. The old saying, “a penny saved is a penny earned” is not hold weight in the business world. If marketing du...

Advertise Your Way Through a Recession

Guess what marketers in the flat lining economy are singing? When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Clearly consumers are watching their spending which means that the advertisers need to try harder by providing better rates, top placement or other incentives. Modern marketing techniques have been used extensively to assist businesses with attracting consumers and converting more visitors to leads. However, in recessionary times its importance is magnified as the Internet is a clear and proven means for exceptional return on investment. It is much more targeted and measureable tha...

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