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5 Tell Tale Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

It is important to have your business website and its content updated from time to time. If your company has an old website with outdated information, your customers might reconsider business options with you. Wondering what’s the general consensus on how often should you redesign your website? With technology changes and newer web design techniques emerging, it might be important to update your website sooner than you think. Read on to find out more about the tell tale signs or reasons to redesign your website.

Get your local AA Meetings on the AA Meeting Guide app

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc., licensed the Meeting Guide technology and launched the Meeting Guide app in November 2015. Since then, this platform has been effective in hosting local A.A. entities including Areas, Intergroup/Central Offices, Districts, etc. in posting their A.A. meetings on the app to offer a mobile interface to users who are looking for meetings. This information is refreshed twice a day so meetings that are updated are reflected on the app for the benefit of users. Do you want to ensure that your AA meetings are uploaded, properly formatted and updated with a...

Don't make these mistakes with your AA website

Creating and maintaining your AA Website can be an arduous task even for the experienced website developer. The learning curve for the layperson navigating domain names, hosting, CSS, HTML and SEO can be frustrating, compounded by the stipulations set forth by the AA GSO. Studio1c has been a provider of professional website development to clients around the world since 2007 and also follows the quickly changing guidelines set forth by the GSO.

How to Create a Successful Content Strategy For Your Business

Does your organization have a content marketing strategy? If you’re either in the group that has a strategy but never documented it or one that has no strategy at all, we’re here to help. These days, content is one of the best ways to raise awareness of a brand, services or products among a targeted audience. We recommend that you start by setting out your mission, goals and the KPIs for success of your content marketing strategy. Goals are an important part of any marketing initiative and content marketing goals are especially important as they set out what your business will achieve from ...

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