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Marketing During a Recession

It is a well known fact that the global economy has moved into the recession era and slowly people are cutting down on their expenses. The biggest impact of this recession has been on businesses which is reflected in budget decreases in every department. In regards to marketing, businesses can still market with the same effectiveness even on a reduced budget, provided they follow these fundamental strategies. It will depend on the businesses as to how effectively they can implement these strategies in order to gain the same exposure and reach during a recession. Taking care of your Custom...

Why use Email Marketing?

Great reasons to try eMail Marketing Affordable - at only around $15/month! Save on paper, printing costs, and postage! Link back to your website to get more traffic; more traffic means higher search engine ranking Provide valuable information to your clients that keeps them interested in your content Keep contact with your clients and keep you in their mind Possibly increase your client base two-fold with a "Subscribe" form on your site and a "Forward Email" to your campaigns Easily track who opens your email and what they are most interested in! Target your audience Make known ...

Simple Tips to Increase Your Email Marketing Customer Base

Add a "subscribe" form to your website. Set out a jar on your front office to gather business cards or email addresses. Run a contest by having people enter via a subscribe form on your site. Say something like, "Subscribe to our eNewsletter and also enter to win ___!" Add a "subscribe" button on your contact form on your site. If clients need to "sign in" at your office or fill out any forms, include a line for their email. Configure the Text to Subscribe feature at Constant Contact. Add your subscribe form to your Business Facebook page. Add a subscribe button to the main contact...

Email Marketing - a Green Choice

Invaluable feedback. With printed materials that are handed out, posted or mailed, you have no idea what the client has done with it, or even if they read it. With email marketing you can see what links your clients have clicked on, and how many times. Spread the word. With a forward button on the eNewsletter, you can potentially increase your customer base two-fold. Affordable. Compared to printed marketing (printing, postage, etc), email marketing is significantly a higher return on investment and a great "green" choice. Drive them to your site. After all, this is one of the main po...

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