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Goal Setting Tips for Marketing Agencies

So how do you create specific, attainable, and ambitious goals that will lead you to take action? Let’s take a look at the steps. Step 1: Set SPECIFIC goals You took a good hard look at your website and — yikes — when did it get so out of date?! It might need updating to be mobile responsive or include some client testimonials to help you attract prospects into calling you. Don’t just make your goal “update website” or “add testimonials.”

10 Tips to Maintain Email Relationships

In the world of email marketing: permission-based email marketers are the good guys. They value the trust and privacy of each and every customer that walks through their door and thus, the trust and privacy of every subscriber that joins their email list. As a result, they have better open rates, less spam reports, and more opportunities to grow their business with email marketing.
Best Practices for Influencer Marketing

Best Practices for Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is based on the simple principle of word-of-mouth publicity but through the right people referred to as influencers. The job of a marketing company and influencer marketing is to identify such key influencers and rope them into an active marketing campaign for their products.
6 Tips for Better Subject Lines for Email Opens

6 Tips for Better Subject Lines for Email Opens

Get your emails opened with attention-grabbing taglines It happens all the time: You've written the content for your newsletter. You have all the articles perfectly squared away and laid out. Then you're faced with the task of writing a compelling subject line so irresistible that readers can't help but open and read your email. The good news is you can craft powerful subject lines and article headlines that will attract readers. Here are six key steps to making it happen.

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